Welcome to Optimized Medicals Website.  


Optimized Medical is a Medical Sales & Service company with the capabilities to custom manufacture specific items to meet your needs.  


* With a Machine Shop, Fabric Shop, & full Acrylics Shop, we can make or repair almost anything.  

* There are several Items that have been asked for multiple times and have become part of our standard offerings.  These items include glove box dispensers and cosmetic covers.

* Being so involved in the medical industry, we get to work with a lot of great companies.  When one come along that offers great products at pricing that no one can beat, we look to get their new & refurbished products out to you!   Most companies offer 1 year parts warranties on their equipment.  We surpass that and offer Full Parts, Travel, & Labor coverage for any purchases you make!  One of the companies we represent offers a 10 year warranty!!!